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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Tennessee

Owning a boat or watercraft in the beautiful state of Tennessee is essential with the numerous freshwater options available. While boat insurance is not mandated as a requirement for this state, it is a policy that is highly recommended for both your safety and your investment. Agents with IRM insurance in Knoxville, TN understand the investment their clients make when they purchase a boat or other watercraft. Below are reasons why you should purchase that today.

Accidents and Other Drivers

No one intends to get out on the water and intentionally hurt others. However, boating accidents or accidents involving other types of watercraft happen throughout the spring and summer seasons. With more boaters out on the river or the lake, the higher the potential for an accident. Because these boaters are involved in accidents that are not their fault, but they are still subjected to covering expenses because there is no insurance coverage by one or both parties. This can be financially devastating and diminish your boating days due to excessive costs and damages that cannot be repaired. The boat insurance coverage will cover these expenses and as well as damages suffered to your boat during the accident.

Protect Your Passengers

Passengers on these boats can also fall victim to accidents. Should they be involved in an accident while on your boat, you as the owner are subjected to liability? Carrying Boat/watercraft insurance gives you liability protection and covers these medical and damages fees associated with the liability claim. This portion of the policy not only protects your passengers but protects you, the boat owner, as well.

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If you enjoy those warm days out on the beautiful Tennessee rivers and lakes, protect those days and your boat investment with a boat and watercraft insurance policy today. Having that financial coverage will protect you in the event of an accident and allow you to carry own cruising the water throughout the summer. Contact an agent at IRM Insurance in Knoxville, TN today with an inquiry.