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Tennessee commercial insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance in Tennessee

At IRM Insurance we understand all aspects of business insurance. We know you want and need to have the confidence that the business you have created and built is adequately covered. Making sure your business is covered by an insurance agency that understands your business is an important factor in running a business.

IRM Insurance is here to help by giving you a wide range of protection for all businesses and their subsidiaries under one policy. There are so many types of commercial business insurance that can take care of property, auto, liability and workers compensation, to name a few.

Commercial business insurance is a vital aspect of any business and should not be ignored. Whatever needs you have regarding commercial insurance, IRM Insurance can build a protection program that is right for you and your company. “security with service”.

Here are a few examples of the types of commercial coverage you may need and we offer:

Builders Risk Insurance Icon

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk is a type of insurance that is designed for property. It indemnifies against any damage to a building while they are under construction. The builders risk insurance protects a person or business’s interest in any materials, equipment, fixtures to be attached while used in the construction or renovation of a structure if items have a physical loss or any damage from a peril such as wind/hail/lightning. The custom builder / general contractor or the property owner generally purchase the coverage. Any one of the parties in construction may require a certificate showing that they have complied with the local, county, city and state building codes. IRM Insurance is the best agency to guide you through a builder’s risk policy and make sure you are adequately insured.

Business Owners Package Icon

Business Owners Package or BOP for retail /Professional/Offices/Services/Auto and Building Owners

Business owners insurance policies protect the business from risk, either as an individual package or as a combined package. A company has an option to alter what is in the BOP to meet the company’s specific needs.

Commercial Auto Icon

Commercial Auto

A vehicle that is used for business purposes is considered a commercial Auto. Commercial auto can also be considered a cooperate car, corporate vehicle, business auto, business car or business vehicle. Whether you are using your vehicle for delivery, retail, farm use or even a TAXI- IRM Insurance has you covered with competitive carriers.

Commercial Property Icon

Commercial Property

Insurance that covers the business building and contents that are owned by the business is commercial property. The definition of property includes a variety of types: lost income and/or business interruption; buildings; contents; computers; money and valuable papers. All bulding and commercial property should be protected from damaging events /perils such as vandalism, fire, lightening and burglary. Both the Building and loss of income should be covered. Here at IRM Insurance- we can make sure you have it covered correctly!

Commercial Trucking Icon

Commercial Trucking

IRM Insurance has the best trucking insurance coverage for your needs. We understand as a private carrier that the responsibility for hauling goods in your OWN truck needs specialized coverage. IRM Insurance has the best insurance coverage whether you are in manufacturing, distribution, excavation or construction. IRM Insurance can analyze whether you need cargo insurance for the load, Physical Damage for repair or replacement on your Truck along with liability coverage you need.

Contractors General Liability Icon

Contractors General Liability

Includes Electrical Contractors; Excavation contractor’s/Plumbing contractors; Heating and Air contractors; landscapers; Drywall Contractors; Insulation Contractors; Flooring contractors, cabinet installers and General Contractors

At IRM Insurance we offer a contractor or construction contractor General Liability insurance that offers peace of mind that they will have the necessary funds to continue daily operations if faced with any type of claim.

Contractors General Liability Insurance can also include business interruption coverage that covers loss of income while you are out of work due to court or damages.

Cyber Liability Icon

Cyber Liability/Technology Insurance

If your business is involved in various electronic activities such as collecting data, selling on the internet then you may need a special type of insurance called Cyber Liability Insurance. This is insurance built to cover the consumer of technology services/products.

A Cyber and privacy policy cover the business for a data breach where the customer’s personal information/credit card numbers and other personal information is stolen by a hacker or any other criminal gaining access to the business electronic network. This policy covers many expensed associated with the breach including credit monitoring, notification costs, fines and penalties, cost to defend claims by state regulators and loss from any identity theft.

Directors and Officers Liability Icon

Directors and Officers Liability

IRM Insurance has the best Directors and officer’s liability insurance in the event an insured suffers a loss from a legal action brought for any alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as a director or Officer. The coverage that can extend to defense cost, civil and criminal actions would be covered. Illegal intentional acts, however are not typically covered under this type of policy.

Employers Professional Liability Icon

Employers Professional Liability

IRM Insurance specializes in EPLI coverage for wrongful acts committed out of the employment practices. Also includes Discrimination, wrongful termination, invasion of privacy, sexual harassment, breach of contract, false imprisonment, wage and hour violations and emotional distress. EPLI is an extension of Directors and officers Liability and recommended for all business owners.

General Liability Coverage Icon

General Liability Coverage

IRM Insurance has “security and peace of mind” creating the best commercial general liability policy for your business. Liability insurance is created in a policy to offer custom protection against third party claims, the payment is made to someone suffering the loss who is not a party to the TN insurance contract. The general Liability Policy is designed based on the type of business you have and the risks you are faced with on a daily basis of running your business.

Hotel/Motel/Hospitality Coverage Icon

Hotel/Motel/Hospitality Coverage

IRM Insurance has the best hotel/motel policy for your business. From a fire that can damage a room and cause smoke inhalation to a slip and fall from a guest entering your premises...We have you covered.

Commercial Property Icon

Inland Marine Coverage

There are a few classes of property that an inland marine policy could be created to protect including

  • Any property in your care (temporarily) Ex. Bike shops, art shops
  • Property in transit. This could be the appliance equipment you transport from your catering facility to a different site.
  • Property that is movable but stays in a fixed location- Ex. is a food truck
  • Unique or valuable property- Ex. valuable sculptures or other artwork otherwise excluded
  • Property that moves around a lot- Ex. a food vender that goes from one location to another
Liquor Liability Icon

Liquor Liability

Call us if you have any business that serves, sells, or assists in the use or purchase of liquor, open the door for a liability claim as a result of a person getting drunk to the extent any type of injury could result. This could include restaurants, bars, night clubs, taverns. Call us at IRM Insurance for your best rate!

Restaurant Insurance Icon

Restaurant Insurance

IRM has the best coverage whether you own a food truck, fine dining establishment, sandwich shop owner, coffee shop owner, ice cream shop owner or a BBQ place. We understand the complexity of juggling inventory, staff training, sanitation certifications. We have you covered!

Surety Bonds Icon

Surety Bonds

A surety bond is a promise by surety or the guarantor to pay the oblige (one party) a certain amount if the second party (the principal) cannot meet some obligation.

At IRM Insurance we offer all types of bonds including:

Fidelity Bonds, Public Official Bonds, Judicial Bonds, Fiduciary Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Contract Bonds (bid and performance bonds), Miscellaneous Utility Bonds and Notary Bonds

Wholesaler/Distributer Icon


The distribution and wholesale sector come with their own unique set of challenges. Businesses depend on acquiring the right product at the right time and place, and customers depend on efficient delivery regardless of any problems that pop up.

Many different types of businesses are eligible for this type of insurance protection, including:

Importers, Furniture distributors, Electrical supplies distributors, Distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables, Beer distributors, Industrial supplies distributors and Grocery distributors

Workers Compensation Icon

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is TN insurance that provides wage replacement & Medical bills paid to employees that are injured during the course of employment in exchange for release that the employee cannot sue his/her employer for negligence. It is basically a “the compensation bargain”.

IRM Insurance offers the best companies that understand how provide the best service while providing protection for the business. Call us today for a quote!