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Contractors Insurance in Tennessee

As a contractor, you are running your own business to provide quality and professionalism to your clients. You work day after day just to meet the ever-increasing demand of your profession. You always wanted to be a serious professional and this is what contractor insurance is all about. Misadventures are never predicted, and this kind of insurance also let your customers know that you know your work extremely well. In case of any unforeseen, even the contractor insurance has your back. From plumbers to carpenter’s contractor insurance is the must. If you are working with commercial or residential buildings the risk factor increases further. Call IRM insurance today and secure your work as well as professional life. The contractor insurance also gets you additional coverage of on-site mishaps and subsequent hospitalization. With IRM insurance in Knoxville, TN, you are covered everywhere with the best support and insurance agents that know their stuff when it comes to contractors insurance.


Take your business to the next level with the Most Reliable Insurance Agency in Tennessee

Show the hirer that you know the ins and outs of your profession. IRM insurance provides you with top-notch service to cater to all your needs.


Get the peace of mind that you are safe and secure irrespective of the amount of risk related to any task that is being performed.

Simple payments

Keep your business running and enjoy IRM insurance safety at the same time. IRM insurance offers varied payment options so that cash is never an issue for you.

Electrical contractors

Minimize the risk

We know that the electrical work is synonymous to danger. You can enjoy the benefit plans of IRM insurance to make sure that all these risks are minimized to great extent.

Tool protection

Not only your business but IRM insurance also adds tools to the protection plans to make sure that you enjoy work. Now you don’t have to worry about the loss of your tools at all.

Covering every electrician

IRM insurance ensures that each kind of electrician gets the best and the most advanced insurance solutions. Whether you perform wiring or just the systems installation IRM got you covered.


Cover your risks

General liability insurance is one of the best ways to cover your risks. From operations to premises liability IRM insurance has your back. HVAC is a profession that is huge and IRM insurance knows it. Our plans are devised to cater to your needs.

Abide by the law

The employment law requires you to get the worker's compensation insurance and IRM insurance covers you completely. Get your medical bills covered and your missed wages during recovery.

Enjoy Savings

In case of an HVAC system failures you need don’t have to pay anything. IRM insurance will make sure that you only pay your deductible that would be minute as compared to the total cost.


Contractor Liability Insurance

As a small business owner, you cannot take it if your company has been sued. The contractor liability insurance has got you covered. IRM insurance provides exclusive plans for drywall business insurance.


Every kind of injury related to your work is covered by the insurance plan offered. If any third person gets injured as a result of the work IRM insurance is at your service.

All compensations covered

IRM insurance covers compensatory, general and punitive damages in the event of any kind of mishap that occurs on site.

Excavation & Grading

Don’t dig any further

IRM insurance does not want you to dig deep to find the coverage you need. Call us today and you will feel the difference in quality and insurance rates.

Insurance types

General liability insurance, property insurance, and workers compensation are the major types of insurances that are covered by the IRM insurance. Don’t wait for the unforeseen to happen and get yourself covered.

Enjoy the perks

IRM insurance offers free certificates and additional insured that are included in the main package. The company got your back while you perform the most dangerous jobs in the world.


Equipment insurance

Accidents can never be predicted and IRM insurance knows this. Get our commercial auto insurance to overcome the cost of such accidents should they happen.

Premises Insurance

Should your premises catch fire where all your equipment is stored then it's a mishap for your business. With the premises insurance, IRM insurance will cover all your losses.

Breach of contract insurance

To avoid hefty court and lawyer fees IRM insurance also offers breach of contract insurance in event of a customer suing you and your business. It is known as professional liability insurance.

Framing contractor

Consider insurance the most important part

Several aspects of your business are protected if you opt for IRM insurance plans. We will make sure that no area of your business remains unprotected at all.

Employment practices liability coverage

We all make mistakes especially if we have got employees working for us. The employment practices liability coverage ensures that your business is protected throughout.

Easy processing

Getting commercial insurance for your framing business can be an issue especially if this is the first time. IRM insurance has a team that has simplified the processes to great extent.

General contractor

Accident insurance

IRM insurance covers your business against any kind of accident that happens during the course of work. It is highly recommended as general contractor business is notorious for such mishaps.

Risk insurance

It is also known as the builder insurance. It covers the construction and everything that is the part of the business. Your business is protected against the damage to the under construction building.

Cost of insurance

The general contractor insurance has much higher rates than the other insurance types. IRM insurance has therefore devised the plans which make sure that your business never comes under financial constraints.


Customized plans

IRM insurance always develops the insurance plans to cater to your fencing business related needs. We know that this business has a large portfolio generally. IRM insurance makes sure that you get every aspect covered.


We provide fast and reliable quote services to make sure that you get to know the cost of your insurance. As an industry veteran IRM insurance knows how important quoting is so we provide reliable services in this regard.

Accident and sickness cover

With the best agents and industry experts at disposal, IRM insurance provides the best accident and sickness cover. It will cover your costs in event of any of the mentioned incident.


The need of the hour

You need your business to overcome any kind of issue that is faced during the course of work. The personalized plans of IRM insurance have got your back all the time.

Interruption insurance

In event of any kind of crises, the interruption insurance makes sure that the best and the most advanced outcome is generated. You don’t need to sell your business or close it if IRM insurance is there at your disposal.

Get ahead of your competition

It is important to always remain a step ahead of your competition. It can only be done if you have the best insurance protection. Call IRM insurance today and make it happen.


Prevent losses

IRM insurance with the latest insurance trends incorporated protects your business from the financial losses and third-party claims of all kinds.

Choose a plan according to your business size

You don't need commercial insurance if your business size is small. In such a case, you need general liability insurance. IRM insurance agents make sure that the best plan is devised as per your business size.

Covering your risk exposures

There are many risks to which your business can be exposed such as bodily injury, tools damage or even the property damage. Whatever the case is IRM insurance has your business covered.


Protection you need

Your carpentry business needs protection all the time. Carpenters are prone to accidents and therefore IRM insurance is here to help you out through the process.

Simple processing

IRM insurance has devised the plans that are simple and the processing is done within minutes. IRM insurance agents are always at your disposal to make the matters easy.


The best part of the IRM insurance is that the premium is highly affordable and has been devised keeping in view the size of your business.


Don’t wait for the misadventure

Never wait for the accidents to happen. Get yourself covered ASAP with the premium customer care and insurance plans of IRM insurance.

Overcome simple mistakes

It is very important that simple mistakes are covered. It is not possible without a professional insurance company like IRM insurance.

Get the right solution

Our insurance solutions are highly targeted and therefore it is the only solution that will support your business as per your needs and financial demands.

Swimming pool

Inland Marine coverage

IRM insurance protects your tools and the business-related equipment when it is being transported to and from the job site.

Commercial coverage

The building, equipment, and supplies of the contractors are fully covered and protected by this coverage. IRM insurance has specialized plans for this kind of coverage.

Do you really need this coverage?

It is highly recommended by the IRM insurance to get you covered with this insurance. If you install, service or repair swimming pool then this insurance is highly advised to save you from calamity.

Well drilling

Down the Hole Coverage

It is a very important part of the business of such contractors that they have to go down to holes for maintenance. This plan ensures that once you get into a well for repair you are fully covered.

Minimize the risk

Well, drilling or just drilling, in general, is a highly risky business. Make sure that you get the best coverage with IRM insurance and have peace of mind that you are protected all the time.

Miscellaneous coverage

The IRM insurance offers coverage to contractors that are involved in well drilling work, plumbing contractors, geothermal contractors, and the core drillers.


Types of masonry coverage

IRM insurance offers different types of insurance to the masonry workers so that they can work without fear. The different coverage solutions that are provided to the masonry workers are the inland marine and contractor insurance.

Liability insurance

It is important to note that liability insurance is required to start the business in some states. IRM insurance makes sure that you provide proof of the insurance before the work is even started.

Free quotes

Call IRM insurance today to get free quotes for your business. It will also allow you to get the best results in case of any mishap or calamity.


Get your business running smoothly

Your business risks should not hamper your day to day ops. The IRM insurance has your back just to make sure that your business keeps on running smoothly.


You just need to pinpoint your goals without any fear in mind and this is possible only if you have the required insurance plans. Call IRM insurance today to get an overview of the process.

You can’t survive

It is very important that your capital is saved and protected all the time. It is a fact that small businesses cannot survive catastrophic events. IRM insurance makes it happen for you with ease.


Lay a solid foundation

At the core of your Tennessee business lies the IRM insurance plan. It will not only lay a strong foundation but will allow you to complete the large projects without any kind of fear.

Never pay out of your pocket

It is a fact that if your business does not have the IRM insurance coverage then in case of any mishaps the damages would be paid out of your pocket. Never let that happen with IRM insurance premium plans.

Plan ahead

Protect your business from every kind of risk by getting the security you need. It can only happen if you have a sound safety plan in form of IRM insurance.


Freebies included

With the IRM insurance, you will get free IR35 contract assessment to make sure that your business health check is completed by the most trusted hands of the industry.

Competitive premiums

With IRM insurance you get a step ahead of all other companies on the market. IRM offers the best and the most competitive premiums to get you the outcome you deserve.

Easy processing

You can get the quotes for auto and home insurance from our website free of charge. You can file and get the documentation approved within 24 hours. IRM insurance in Knoxville, TN offers hassle-free processing of your documents.